4 Reasons Communities Should Invest in Open Spaces and Parks

An Open Space Do you want to get to know your neighbors? How about making sure you can keep track of your healthy lifestyle or spend quality time with your family? If your answer to these questions is yes, then live in a community that has a park.

A park offers many benefits other than making your community look more beautiful.

1. It inspires the community spirit

The more you feel the community spirit, the more likely you’re going to stay in the neighborhood for a long time. Knowing your neighbors better can also help you feel more secure. It’s relieving to know that there’s a stable environment for your family.

2. It inspires people to be healthy

Well-designed parks can improve a person’s health and well-being in many ways. Spaces with playgrounds attract children to play and be creative. A walking path invites you to amplify your cardio every day. OC Ramps also emphasizes the importance of allowing people to stay active by playing their favorite sports, such as skateboarding.

As neighbors gather around, you have an avenue to socialize. Parks and open spaces these days also transform into weekend markets with vendors selling homemade, local, and organic food.

3. It increases the value of your home

Studies show that a revitalized or well-maintained park can increase the value of your property, whether it’s commercial or residential. A 2010 study by the National Recreation and Park Association revealed about 80 percent of potential homebuyers didn’t mind paying more for a home that’s near a park.

4. It helps support the community’s economy

Some local governments worry about the huge financial costs that come with rehabilitating or taking care of a park, but the same study suggests the benefits outweigh the spending. First, good parks can increase tourism, which can generate more job and business opportunities. Moreover, a government that spends $24 million for a brand-new venue for sports can recoup the money within 13 years mainly from tourism.

Starting a park doesn’t have to cost a lot either. A good idea is to hire a skate park designer who can create and install safe ramps kids and adults alike can enjoy anytime. Neighborhoods can build community gardens, put up some benches and gazebos, or plant some trees.

A park is no doubt a great addition to every community. If you’re looking for a new home, consider a park as one of the criteria when choosing the right neighborhood.